Leigh Zeitz is first and foremost a teacher.  He has had the privilege of teaching at all grade levels from first through twelfth in public, private and prison schools. 

In his present position as associate professor in the educational technology program at the University of Northern Iowa, Dr. Zeitz teaches practicing and future teachers about integrating technology with education. Dr. Zeitz spent a year in Malaysia as a visiting professor where he taught future community college lecturers about integrating pedagogy and educational technology.  He has recently returned from St. Petersburg, Russia, where he led a team of colleagues who taught university professors and lecturers about developing on-line materials to support classroom learning.

Dr. Zeitz considers faculty development and support as the most important ingredient in technology integration and is often found in classrooms teaching with K-12 and university instructors. Over the past 24 years, Zeitz has written 7 books, over 60 articles and given over 100 presentations on three continents about technology and education. His primary interest is in using technology to support learning by addressing the specific learning styles of students. He has done research about using Inspiration software to assist high school students in improving their understanding of science. Recently, Dr. Zeitz has been researching the process of building communication skills in elementary students through keyboarding.

Dr. Zeitz was the instructional technology coordinator at Price Laboratory School (University of Northern Iowa) for six years.  He has worked with teachers to communicate with other classes across the nation as well as Japan, Mexico, Australia, Iceland and South Africa.   He has taught hundreds of teachers and professionals about using the Internet and World Wide Web for both professional and personal use. 

 He has been the vice-president for the Iowa Technology and Education Connection (ITEC) organization.  This is the state ISTE-affiliate that advocates and supports technology use in education.

 Dr. Zeitz received his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Computers-in-Education from the University of Oregon in 1992; his M.A. in education administration from California State University, Los Angeles in 1984; and his B.A. in developmental psychology (as well as two teaching credentials) from the University of Santa Barbara in 1976.

Dr. Zeitz’s complete vita is available through his webpage at http://www.uni.edu/zeitz