The Thornburg Center is the premiere source of presenters and staff developers in the field of emerging technologies and their impact on learning at all ages. Our associates are frequently chosen to provide keynote addresses at educational conferences worldwide.

In addition, some of our associates consult for high-tech businesses of all sizes, assisting them in identifying new opportunities in a world advancing at the speed of light.

Our motto is simple: Under promise, over deliver.

We never accept a speaking or consulting assignment unless we honestly believe we are the best qualified to meet the client's needs. Our long list of awards and recognitions stand as strong testimony to the quality of our work. Our founder, Dr. David Thornburg, for example, has received these accolades:

Our other associates are similarly talented, and it is common for their sessions at conferences to be filled to capacity and beyond! If you have yet to see one of our associates in action, you are missing a magical experience.

To secure any of our presenters for your next conference or consulting project, call (847) 277-7691 as soon as you have a date in mind. Our calendar fills fast, but we'll try our best to accommodate your needs.