Space Exploration as a STEM Curriculum

David D. Thornburg and Norma Thornburg


The development of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills is a national priority. The need for people pursuing careers in these fields has never been higher.

This presentations shows how these four topics are highly interconnected, and makes a strong case that they should be explored together. Space exploration is a topic that lends itself particularly well to this approach. Furthermore, through the use of inquiry-driven project-based learning, students not only acquire skills in these four areas, they come to understand and appreciate why people choose these fields as lifelong career paths. This dynamic and content-rich presentation outlines an approach to address these skills as an elective or after-school program for middle and high school students.

If you have ever been captured by the mystery of Space, the role educational computing and other hands-on tools can play in exploring this topic, and how to engage students in subjects that may shape their future careers as members of a highly-skilled workforce, this session will describe an approach that should be of great interest and value to you.

Presentation type... General
Audience................ Educators with background or interest in any of the STEM subject areas
Duration................. 1 hour

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