Education, Technology and The Retribalization of Culture


This presentation, based on Dr. Thornburg's latest book, explores the rapid growth of technology in student's lives, and the emergence of a "retribalization" of culture as communities of interest gather around the global campfire lit by broadband fiber optics connecting kindred spirits in amazing new ways. Whether it is students using Skype from their local McDonalds' wireless broadband system to converse with friends in other countries for free, or teachers gaining access to vast video libraries on demand with which they can craft powerful narratives for instruction, no aspect of children's lives will be untouched by this new trend.

Come learn why certain weeds can be more powerful than trees, why the book took so long to be adopted by schools, and how the very technologies we take for granted are changing the nature of our interactions with others in amazingly powerful and positive ways.

Presentation type... keynote
Audience................ educators, technology resource specialists & educational leaders
Duration................. 1 hour
Handouts................ online

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