Technology and The Art of Helping Students Ask Good Questions


Inquiry drives our quest for learning, at almost every age, and in every subject. Computers and other modern information technologies can play a useful role in the inquiry process, supporting both the formulation and the answering of interesting questions.

Participants in this workshop explore the inquiry process across the curriculum through a combination of presentations and hands-on activities. We show (and use) modern technologies in support of finding good questions whose answers will help students gain mastery of any subject being taught. This workshop focuses on moving students from the world of data to the domain of understanding.

Topics covered include:
• Why questions are powerful motivators for learning
• What distinguishes inquiry from other kinds of questions
• Characteristics of interesting questions (and a rubric for evaluating questions before they are answered!)
• The role of content in formulating questions
• How to develop questions in your subject areas
• Using technology in an inquiry-driven environment

Technologies explored:
• Digital imaging tools (cameras and scanners)
• Multimedia authoring tools both for stand-alone and web-based applications
• Data mining and other tools as appropriate

Each participant receives all workshop materials including a rubric for evaluating good questions and a CD filled with additional resources and full working demonstration versions of the software used in the workshop.

The goal is to maximize the immediate benefit of this powerful educational strategy for all children in your school or district. The workshop can explore inquiry across the curriculum or in specific content areas based on audience needs.

Presentation type... workshop
Audience................ all
Duration................. 6 hours
Handouts................ no

Dr. Thornburg will gladly tailor any presentation to your specific needs.