What The Future Really Holds
Holodecks on the Horizon

David D. Thornburg, PhD


Most visions of technology enhanced education maintain the concept of classrooms dating to the Middle Ages. This presentation explores the path from Cyberspace to Augmented Reality and shows why science fiction authors may have a better grasp of learning technologies than many educational leaders. Through demonstrations of bleeding edge prototypes and products predicted by Philip K Dick, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and Gene Roddenberry, you will never look at your classroom the same way again. Forget the mouse, the interactive whiteboard, and prepare yourself for immersive technologies where reality and virtual meet in support of all learners.

• How science fiction sets the stage for new technologies
• The rise of the Web
• The rise of Virtual Worlds
• The emergence of Augmented Reality
• Why 3D displays and haptic technology will make the holodeck possible
• What education can look like in a few years time

Presentation type... General
Audience................ All
Duration................. 1 hour keynote or breakout session
Handouts................ Online

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