What Community Leaders Should Know About STEM Education


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education is critical to the economic growth of our country. We live in a world where advanced technologies promise to address many major challenges, and communities where this work happens should experience a renaissance that will let them thrive. Consider the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley), The Boston corridor, the North Carolina Research Triangle, etc. All these regions have make long-term commitments to the STEM fields and act as magnets drawing talent and businesses to their midst. This dynamic presentation looks through the lens of current opportunities ranging from medicine to space-based solar power to highlight the kinds of future work that will be done by those who are in school today once they graduate. Rather than focus on the challenges of international competition, and flawed educational models of the past, this presentation looks at the near-term future and explores how education can be transformed in your community to entice and support students who want to be part of a dynamic future that will bring great satisfaction to them, and allow your community to be one of the beacons of excellence as we move into the rest of this century and beyond.

Presentation type... breakout session
Audience................ all
Duration................. 1 hour
Handouts................ on web

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