Can You Hear Me Now?
Mobile Learning: The Next Generation

David D. Thornburg, PhD


In 1984, Sun Microsystem's John Gage proclaimed that the “network is the computer.” While that seemed far-fetched then, twenty-five years later we see evidence that he was right. With well-over a billion people on the Internet, and broadband access widely available around the world, today's kids can access amazing tools from a variety of devices carried in their pockets and backpacks. This whirlwind journey through the past two decades brings us to a world with about 2 billion internet users - and almost 6 billion mobile phone users, many of whom will be accessing the Internet from their new smart phones!

This presentation explores the promise of modern educational computer use. We have moved to the point where ubiquitous access to technology is an expectation, not an option – where mryiad coupled services can be used in support of rich educational practice, and where each learner can experience true anywhere/anytime learning. We'll show some of the interesting things that young people take for granted today that were virtually impossible to image even a decade ago.

Anyone who wants to see where our educational technology is headed is strongly encouraged to attend this dynamic session.

Note: As a courtesy to the presenter, the audience is asked to please turn their mobile phones on (and set the ring tone to "applause.")

Presentation type... Keynote or Featured Speaker
Audience................ Educators at all levels (K-college)
Duration................. 1 hour
Handouts................ Online

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