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Who Honors The Children?

Renaissance Two

Designing the Earthstation Academy

Learning a Living

The Future Isn't What it Used to Be

2020 Visions for the Future of Education, (also in Portuguese)

The $500 Network Computer and Education

Campfires in Cyberspace: Primordial Metaphors for Learning in the 21st Century (updated 2007)

Copyright and Copywrong

Cybercasting: Creating Your Own Radio Station

Redefining Teaching in a Disintermediated World

Scissors, Stone and Paper

Technologies of Liberation, (also in Portuguese)

Technology Planning for the Communication Age: A Technology Planning Template with Focus Questions

Welcome to the Communication Age

Why Aren't The Children Singing?, (also in Portuguese)

The Virtual Zoo

Digital Imaging Handout

Campfires in Cyberspace

Brainstorms and Lightning Bolts (also in Portuguese)

Putting the Web to Work

Classrooms Without Walls (Marshall McLuhan)

Language, Myth and Multimedia

Multiple Intelligences and Multimedia Workshop

The Seven Circles of Learning: From Oral Tradition to the CD-ROM