Brainstorms and Lightning Bolts
Thinking skills for the 21st century

Today's pace of change is incredible. We are drowning in information that seems to double every two years. Amidst this chaos, new companies are emerging overnight and taking business from large established firms, and educators are struggling to help students acquire skills for survival in a world moving at light-speed. It is as if the worlds of business and learning have been turned upside down. In the face of these incredible changes, we all need to master new thinking skills, strategies and tools to help us become flexible, creative thinkers who are able to find order among the chaos to find the signal in the noise. This book explores these skills in a practical way that makes them easy for anyone to incorporate on a daily basis. Each of these skills makes use of tools that can help anyone "future-proof" their thinking. Exercises accompany each chapter to bring these skills to life!
If you plan on working or learning anytime during the coming years, this book will provide you with practical easy-to-use tools that will likely become part of your daily tool kit.

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