All of our presentations use a variety of A/V tools provided by the Center. As a result, we need only minimal equipment support from the client described on the following page. Please note that equipment substitutions from this list must be made in consultation with the center to insure compatibility with our equipment. In order to insure that your time with Dr. Thornburg or our other Associates runs smoothly, we do make the following general requests:

Please be sure that our Associate(s) have access to the presentation room 30 minutes prior to presentations, and that any equipment, tables, projection screens, etc. that you are providing are in the room at that time. If the presentation is in a hotel or conference center, be sure that the A/V specialist assigned to your conference is available to make sure all the facilities needs are met.

If the Associate is conducting two or more sessions back-to-back, please be sure he or she stays in the same room so the equipment won't have to be moved.

The Center provides handouts for most of our presentations. Reproduceable copies of these handouts can be downloaded from the Web page for each presentation in Adobe Acrobat format so you can print or copy them to disks for your attendees. Because the flow of our presentations and workshops vary based on audience size, we like to have an estimated headcount at least two weeks prior to the presentations.

We want your time with our Associates to run as smoothly as possible. While each presenter brings most of the equipment, there are some items that you will need to provide. The following list should answer most of your questions. If anything is unclear, please call the Center at (847) 277-7691 immediately for clarification.

Q: What equipment does the Associate provide?

A: We bring our own computer and presentation software (Apple Macintosh or Compaq PC). We also sometimes bring other small electronic devices we demonstrate or show to audiences. Please note that, due to rough handling by the airlines, WE NO LONGER PROVIDE OUR OWN VIDEO PROJECTION EQUIPMENT.

Q: What equipment should we provide for presentations?

A: You will need to provide the following for ALL of our presentations:

Q: Does the presenter need a lectern?

A: Our Associates are active presenters. The move around during presentations and present from the equipment, not from a lectern.

Q: The presentation will be in a hotel ballroom. Does this present any special challenges?

A: Yes. Please be sure that the hotel staff removes any room light that shines on the projection screen. This is (tragically) often overlooked. Also learn how to control the room lighting during the presentation and be sure that the mixer controls for the audio (both mike and computer sounds) are at or near the presentation table.

Q: We would like to videotape the presentation. Is this acceptable?

A: Yes, the Center grants permission for videotaping of any of our presentations for non-commercial use within the organization that has contracted for his services. All we ask is that a VHS copy of the video tape is sent to us at the Center for review prior to distribution and/or broadcast.

Q: Does the Center make books and CD-ROM's available to participants?

A: Yes, as a convenience to the audience, we normally bring a few copies of recent books and CD-ROM's for interested participants. Should you wish to sell materials at your conference yourself, please contact the Center at (847) 277-7691. We will make the materials available to you at a discount.