Gary Stager, an internationally recognized educator and consultant, has spent twenty years helping teachers make sense of their roles in the age of personal computing and schools more constructive places for children.

Inspiring Speaker

Gary's hundreds of hands-on workshops and conference presentations are known for being thoughtful, practical, and entertaining. He has spoken at dozens of prominent conferences in North America, South America, England, France, Dennmark, Mexico, Bermuda, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia where he has twice keynoted the Australian Computers in Education Conference and several state conferences.

He chaired seven NJ Educational Computing Conferences and the 1993 International Logo Conference in Australia. Mr. Stager is one of only a handful of educators to present papers at the 1990,1995 & 2001 World Conference on Computers in Education.

Mr. Stager was the opening keynote speaker at the 1996 Tennessee Educational Technology Conference, the Logo - Twenty Years On Conference in Melbourne, Australia and the 1997 Video Using Educators Conference in Los Angeles. He was a featured speaker at the 1998 & 2001 MACUL Conference and is a member of the Educational Technology Leaders Summit. Most recently, Gary was a Featured Speaker at Technology & Learning Magazine's SchoolTech Expo and Conference in New York City. He has been invited to present at several ASCD, NCTM and NSBA Conferences.

Teacher Education

Mr. Stager is currently an adjunct professor of education at Pepperdine University and a popular professional development seminar leader across the United States. He has recently been named an associate of the prestigious Thornburg Center for Professional Development.

Gary is a pioneer in helping teachers create learning environments designed to support personal computing and adapt to the changes in curriculum, assessment, and professional development that will follow. Mr. Stager recently helped design Pepperdine University's ground-breaking Online Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree program and now teaches in that program. For a time he led Pepperdine's involvement in MathStar, a federally-funded grant designed to improve middle school mathematics achievement and teacher development.

Writer and Editor

He is the Editor-in-Chief of ISTE's Logo Exchange Journal, Editor-at-Large for Curriculum Administrator (now District Administration) Magazine and has been published by Educational Leadership. Gary is widely published in educational journals and conference proceedings.

Gary's thoughts on the future of educational computing, New Trends New Learning Opportunities were recently featured in Upgrade: The Magazine of the Software Pubisher's Association (Dec. 98/Jan. 99 issue). His article, Dream Bigger was published in the anthology, Transforming Learning - An Anthology of Miracles in Technology-Rich Schools.

Gary is coauthor of The North Star Guide to Technology Planning and the author of MicroWorlds Pro Tips and Tricks.

Constructionist Learning Laboratory

Since 1999, Gary Stager has worked closely with Dr. Seymour Papert in the development and operation of the Constructionist Learning Laboratory, a multiage high-tech alternative environment for adjudicated at-risk teens in the Maine Youth Center. Information about this groundbreaking project may be found here. A terrific article about the Constructionist Learning Laboratory was featured in Converge Magazine.

Logo Pioneer

Gary is a founder and Past-President of ISTE's SIGLogo.


Mr. Stager has worked as a consultant to Logo Computer Systems, Inc., Universal Studios, Claris, Microsoft, Disney, Apple, Compaq, Tom Snyder Productions, Netschools, Computelec Australia and LEGO dacta.
For a decade, Gary was Director of Professional Development for the Network for Action in Microcomputer Education, a New Jersey consortium of 150 computer-using school districts. He is now a consultant to several homeschooling communities.

Gary has participated in the preparation and implementation of several grants dealing with mathematics education reform and math and science for urban students. He recently contributed to the creation of a successful USAID grant intended to improve education in Jamaica.

Gary is a member of the The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and a CODIES judge for the Software Industry and Information Association.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the award-winning new media company, Fablevision and a founding partner of, a consulting company providing educational services to homeschooling communities.


Gary has spent eleven years working with schools around the world in which every student has a personal notebook computer. In fact, Gary was responsible for early professional development activities at the world's first two laptop schools in Australia (1990).


A (pre K - 8) elementary school teacher by training, Mr. Stager has worked with preschool through doctoral-level students and is currently working on his own Ph.D. in education at The University Of Melbourne. Prior to becoming a teacher, Gary studied jazz performance, composition and arranging at Berklee College of Music, Rutgers University and William Paterson University, as well as privately in New York City.

Gary Stager is available as an educational consultant or staff developer in your school or district. Educational institutions may choose from a wide variety of workshop topics and customize a program to meet their individual needs. Please contact Gary at the following address for further information on highly successful minds-on workshops, in-service day presentations, and consulting services.