Playing The Changes
A quantum guide to lifelong learning


Margaret Wheatley's book, Leadership and the New Science, created quite a stir when it was published in 1992, bringing current scientific vision to the field of organizational behavior, and to the business/management bookshelves lined with works that relied on more traditional sources of wisdom. Just as education has been the last holdout for the introduction of technology, so too has the process by which our system organizes work, people and lives avoided dealing with fundamental analysis. As a sequel to Building Virtual Communities for Professional Development, a White Paper for US Department of Education, Nov. 95, Ferdi Serim will share with you the ways in which Margaret Weatley's work opens possibilities for us all.

Says Wheatley, "Those who have used music metaphors in describing leadership, particularly jazz metaphors, are on a quantum track. Improvisation is the saving skill. As leaders, we play a crucial role in selecting the melody, setting the tempo, establishing the key and inviting the players. But that is all we can do. The music comes from something we cannot direct, from a unified whole created among the players - a relational holism that transcends separateness. In the end, when it works, we sit back, amazed and grateful."- p. 44

Ferdi Serim is uniquely qualified to talk about both worlds. As an Internet pioneer, his students' achievements have been featured in the Scientific American, the Los Angeles Times, the Learning Channel and other media. As a musician, and artist in residence, he won national recognition for his work with Dizzy Gillespie, who called him "a pretty good drummer" before a radio audience of 750,000 people. Prepare for an unusual blending of disciplines, metaphors and rhythms in this presentation.