Rewards, risks, and challenges


While the media debates whether the Internet is Hope or Hype for learning, hundreds of pioneers have already taken the steps to introduce new modes of teaching and learning in classrooms across the nation. These isolated experiments can provide lessons for everyone considering the use of technology as a tool for lifelong learning. Before connecting every classroom to the Internet, we must staff each classroom with an educator who knows how to make use of the potentials such a connection brings, to achieve quality learning.

The bottom line: while good teaching can be strengthened by carefully crafted integration of networking's potentials for learning, weak teaching can expect no benefits at all from the introduction of technology. How then, can we prepare for success? How can we extend the successes of the pioneers to help all students achieve high quality learning.

Ferdi Serim, as author of NetLearning: Why Teachers Use The Internet, is walking this path, and along the way has built collaborative relationships with many of these pioneering educators. In this overview presentation, he will challenge your thinking with specifics relative to the environments that must be created, the support required, the obstacles you can expect and emerging solutions to comon challenges we face in making the most of teaching and learning in a connected world.