Daily steps to masterful results


"Meaningful teamwork, when combined with setting clear, measurable goals and regularly collecting and analyzing performance data, constitutes the foundation for results" - Mike Schmoker, from Results.

Musicians are lifelong learners, who dedicate themselves to daily discipline and continuous improvement. Yet, as educators, despite our best efforts to improve practice through a seemingly unending parade of strategies, little is changing in terms of results we see for our students. For schools to extend excellence beyond the current isolated instances to reach all students will require us begin working in teams, develop specific, observable goals, and begin adjusting our efforts to reflect the effectiveness of these efforts with children. How can we learn to redesign our professional activities to incorporate daily, small yet achieveable steps that can produce lasting success?

During the summer of 1997, Ferdi Serim set such a goal for his classroom and a team of 15 teachers in his school. Together, they joined in an online collaborative project with hundreds of other educators around the nation and across the globe. Ferdi will share his firsthand experiences in transforming his educational setting, and the collaborations which resulted, involving hundreds of educators in a distributed, global learning network. This workshop will involve intensive, hands-on collaboration between all participants in learning principles and practices which are supported by research, and are designed for quick and powerful results.