Challenges: Building Vibrant Online Communities for Professional Growth

With only twelve staff development days until the millenium, solutions that transcend limitations of time and space have an obvious appeal. The futuristic vision of collaborative communities linking to form a system of distributed learning is no longer expressed in the future tense: some of us are living this reality NOW!

The Online Internet Institute (OII) is an expanding virtual community of educators and others, who care about reinventing teaching and learning, by reflecting on our teaching practices, supporting our peers, and fostering a knowledge-building learning environment. Ferdi Serim, as founder of OII, will help you to understand the design and implementation issues involved in blending face-to-face activities with online collaborations, and help you prepare to establish programs that meet your local needs. Participants will become familiar with connectivity options to support participation in their online community.

Participants for this session should pre-register, so community building can begin online before the conference. OII will host a dedicated listserv and discussion/conferencing area on the WWW to support this session.