Building Bridges Between Excellence and Equity


Each advance in student achievement assisted by technology gives us reason to cheer. Yet unless we take considered, consistent action, each advance will also widen the gap between the present "winners" and "losers" in our society. This result is not inevitable, as has been demonstrated by powerful uses of global learning networks to extend opportunities for all.

Ferdi Serim invites us to build a two-way bridge, that both leads pioneering students and educators into new methods of highly accomplished learning, as well as providing a way to bring this knowledge back to the vast majority of our peers who have yet to start the journey from the traditional classroom to a networked, global community of learners.

In this practical presentation, Ferdi will help you understand authentic, challenging task design that incorporates research about how students with different language, cultural and racial backgrounds learn most effectively. These characteristics include being highly interactive, group-based, student centered, and supportive of community cultural values through service. Explore case studies of learning communities who are using technologies today which expand the collaborative possibilities of Internetworking, both for learning and for professional growth.