Why I Fly

I seek, I see,
I feel, I'm free,
I feel, I cry,
I flee, I fly

in distant cities, we agree
to meet to move our lives ahead
where we've all arranged to be
in order to learn, to guide, to share

yet every one of us lives at ground zero
now every one of us is centered in a crosshair
every one of us is two eyes for an eye

I fly, on my way to do what I love
I fly, on my way to see those I love
I fly, on my way to show what love can do
in the face of fear

I fly, on my way to be with those who care
and dare to take up the challenge
I fly, knowing that those above and those below
all return home, eventually

In between, we face choices
we choose everything but the time, place and manner
of our transition to what lies beyond

those who take unto themselves this decision,
who exercise that ultimate choice to end life
do so violating the sanctions of history
the suicides pass to hell, in most cultural scenarios

of course from this side, we can't see the result
but from this side, we can see others
who accept the inevitability of ending
yet continue, heeding unseen, unheard guidance
that shines from within

this light bridges
this light heals
this light beckons
this light reminds

that what we are is more than what we are made of
that what we are is more than what we have been through
that what we are is more than what most of us have become
so far during our days on this planet

at a time when fear, unleashed
echoes and builds upon itself
granting permission to expression of horrors locked away
during more peaceful times
like sleeping volcanoes
waiting their time to spew death and destruction

in this world, the slate is wiped clean
with tears, blood and suffering
in cycles that reach back beyond the grasp of memory or history

so as we leave our loved ones behind,
in my case sleeping in predawn stillness
as we make our way to airports,
opening our identities and possessions to strangers
in statements of trust and goodwill
as we comply with safety instructions,
rolling down the runway of our individual destinies
these destinies merge as the cabin door closes
only to differentiate again as we head for baggage claim

there are those, hopefully on the ground, and not in the cabin with us,
awaiting the next chance
there are those who would like as many of us to die as possible,
as soon as possible
preferably in a way that will scare as many of those we leave behind
as possible

making the choice for themselves, and us as well, and perhaps even more on the ground

hate is a strange fire, whose heat comes from darkness and negation
my spirit needs no plane to soar, needs no vengeance to rest
so I step aboard, in fellowship with my companions on this journey
accepting the role, embracing the convergence of choice and fate
placing life and love on the line
as an expression of thanks to my Creator

because no matter what means puny man has devised for destruction
no matter what suffering desperate man inflicts chasing his images or ideals
no matter how far along the spectrum of cruelty the fires of hate may take them

I know that the love that animates this world, and all others,
can do nothing else but triumph

I know that this love brings justice to its highest expression

on these wings, my being takes flight

certain that I will reach my destination

certain that we all will reach our home

© Ferdi Serim 2001