Ferdi Serim helps people learn to read, write and think, using technology to expand the boundaries of what they read, write and think about. His work as editor of MultiMedia Schools magazine, director of the Online Internet Institute (OII), Associate of the David Thornburg Center for Professional Development (and jazz musician) helps people understand and harness technology's transforming potentials for distributed learning and networked knowing. He is the author of NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet (published by Songline, a division of O'Reilly and Associates) and From Computers to Community: Unlocking the Potentials of the Wired Classroom (published by Centrinity, Inc). His goal is to help people move from vision to strategy, increasing the opportunities for learning, for everyone.

Ferdi has walked the talk: his students' Internet achievements are documented in the Scientific American, Los Angeles Times, the Learning Channel and other media. Ferdi is the founder of the Online Internet Institute <http://oii.org>, which was started with funding by the National Science Foundation. OII is committed to reshaping the nature of teaching and learning by helping educators, students and parents use the Internet to improve achievement in the classroom, and beyond. OII provides the tools for people to learn, interact and grow in ways necessary for the 21st Century.

Ferdi also presents at numerous state, regional and international conferences, conducts staff development workshops and seminars for parents, teachers, school administrators and others involved in systemic school reform, including the US Department of Education, National Science Foundation, the Milken Exchange on Educational Technology, the Singapore and Malaysia ministries of education, and others. Ferdi is a member of the advisory board for the Digital Divide Clearinghouse, and WNET's Internet in Action telecourse on professional development. His favorite credential, however, comes from Dizzy Gillespie, who said he's a "pretty good drummer."

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