Ted is the author of the Desktop Publishing and Programming sections of TechWorks technology materials. Here are some details of the package...


TechWorks is an exciting new program that helps teachers integrate technology skills into the curriculum for Grades K-8. It's the first comprehensive program to introduce technology skills at appropriate grade levels while linking them with other skills and concepts being taught. The complete TechWorks program consists of nine kits--one for each grade from Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Components of TechWorks

A field-tested Scope and Sequence that includes objectives for 14 technology concepts. It identifies the specific grade levels at which each concept should be introduced, mastered, and extended. This valuable document has been successfully field-tested and correlated to state curriculum.

Detailed Lesson Plans

A detailed lesson plan is provided for every objective in the scope and sequence. Each lesson:

A Framework with Management and Assessment Strategies

This document provides practical management tips for making the program work in classrooms from Kindergarten through Grade 8. It includes a record keeping system to help teachers keep track of which students have completed which lessons and activities. The framework also provides guidelines for the authentic assessment of students' progress in mastering technology skills. This kind of "nuts and bolts" information helps to ensure the success of the program in any school, regardless of its past experiences in using technology.

Parent Involvement Materials

Informed and involved parents can help build enthusiasm and momentum for the success of this exciting new program. Each kit includes ideas, sample letters, and forms to help principals and teachers promote parental involvement: parental awareness through newsletters, displays, and workshops; parental participation as computer lab helpers and instructors; and parental support in both morale and finances.

Student-Directed Activity Cards

As a follow-up to each lesson, students work at a computer using a self-directed activity card. Students may work on their own or with partners. This management strategy is effective for one-computer classrooms as well as computer labs. Activity cards are color-coded and numbered. That makes it easy for a student to find the right card and to put the card back in the right place so the next student can find it! Illustrations help emergent readers in the early grade levels follow directions and practice the skills. They are also helpful for second language students.

Videotapes for Teacher Training

Since the program is only as good as the teachers who use it, these videos are designed to answer questions and calm anxieties. They provide demonstrations of a teacher presenting a technology lesson to an entire class, to a small group, and to individual students working in a computer lab. Three different tapes are available: one for Kindergarten--Grade 3, one for Grades 4--6, and one for Grades 7--8.

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