New Schools For The New Millennium

Presented by Ted McCain & Ian Jukes

By now, most people have realized that the world is no longer the stable and predictable place that it once was. But just how fast is the world moving. There are many who are saying that the changes in the next 10 years will dwarf those of the last 50. What impact will this changing world have on education? And how can educators plan effective curriculum in an environment of accelerating change?

This presentation begins with by examining the impact Moore's Law is having on technological development. But we won't stop there! This development will have some startling consequences for schools of the future – we'll look at 10 of them. Then we'll explore the shift in curriculum and thinking that will be necessary to equip students for success in the brave new world of the 21st century. Participants should come prepared to have many of their present assumptions about education challenged. Counselling will be provided.

60 minutes

$249.95 (U.S.)

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