Living on The Future Edge

Presented by Ted McCain & Ian Jukes

Today, in a world where change is the constant, you just can't believe your eyes. As a result, the true of power of existing technologies can only be understood as part of the remarkable compression of computational speed and power that has occurred over the course of the past 50 years through the present to startling implications for tomorrow. This presentation traces the amazing continuum of development from the building based computers of yesterday to the astounding desktop devices of today. But things don't stop there! This presentation will profoundly challenge your fundamental assumptions about new technology as it projects where things are really going - from desktop to palmtop to wearable to embedded computing and well beyond. It then challenges the audience to stand back from their assumptions about technology and consider how this will change the classroom, the curriculum, learning, instruction and even our fundamental definition of intelligence.

60 minutes

$249.95 (U.S.)

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