Tech Fun:
Destressing technology in education

© 2001 by Lou Fournier and Lynell Burmark. All rights strictly reserved.


Stress is pressure, literally and figuratively. It's all too easy to feel that pressure spinning out of control, especially in this age of technology, where absolutely nothing can ever go wrong because we have computers. (Haven't you heard? Computers are our friends.) This practical and engaging workshop takes a look at how stress in the modern classroom occurs and what to do about it. Join with Lou (technology humor columnist for Converge magazine) and Dr. Lynell Burmark (recovering stressaholic) for this fun and inspiring look at education technology (from the nutty to the inspirational). Bring your own horror stories (we need a laugh) and a list of the top ten ways you destress (causing other people distress doesn't count) in your techno-world.

Note: This session is co-presented with Thornburg Center Associate Dr. Lynell Burmark.

Presentation type... keynote, breakout session or workshop
Audience................ all
Duration................. 1 to 7 hours
Handouts................ no

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