LifeMission Planning

© 2001 by Lou Fournier and Lynell Burmark. All rights strictly reserved.


We tend to scorn those who dehumanize the value of the individual and measure people's significance according to their work. Yet millions of us still judge ourselves in exactly that way.

We can no longer work just for a paycheck. We can no longer tie our identity, our self-worth, to the work we do. We bely our nature and purpose as spiritual beings if we do so.

LifeMission Planning goes to the heart of our reason for working. Through the course of this intensive workshop, attendees come to discover their true passionóthe heart of their calling, their true Life Mission. Once they've identified the skills and talents that most inspire them, they can then begin to shape a path toward work that can truly fulfill their nature and their calling.

Authorized by and developed from the work of Richard Bolles, best-selling author of What Color is Your Parachute?, LifeMission Planning focuses on the most internal aspects of work and our place in the workplace. The workshop is currently designed as a transformative weekend or one-week residential training. with an introductory presentation available as a brief keynote address. It can be modified to a wide range of timelines and purposes, up to and including integration throughout an entire company or organization.

Note: This session is co-presented with Thornburg Center Associate Dr. Lynell Burmark.

Presentation type... keynote, breakout session, full-day or weekend workshop
Audience................ all
Duration................. 1 hours to two days
Handouts................ no

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