The Emanant Leader

© 2001 by Lou Fournier and Lynell Burmark. All rights strictly reserved.


We need leaders, in this age perhaps more than in any other. And we have them. They surround us, ready to guide us unerringly to a latent Golden Age. They are those who will solve our most confounding social and economic problems, our new captains of responsible industry, our reformers poised to unknot the impossibly complex issues of education.

They just don't know it.

Most of them think they are here to follow. Many believe they can barely lead themselves through the critical demands of daily life, let alone lead others to a glorious new world.

Every person on this planet is a leader. For leadership is a far more basic quality than is commonly considered; leadership is a fundamental need of the human condition and is perhaps also the most slighted. It's time to come to a new understanding of leadership, seeing it as a quality that emanates from within. We've coined the term "emanant" to convey that meaning.

The Emanant Leader TM program does just that. It allows each person to discover his or her unique skills and unshakable confidence. It is extremely pliant and flexible, readily customizable for all ages and demographies.

Here are the key outline points of this program:

Know thyself.

This Socratic exhortation is at the core of leadership, which is most centrally about self understanding. This aspect of the program goes through the process of helping each person come to the fullest possible understanding of his or her nature and character as a child of God. Each person comes to perceive true calling, which inevitably is always positive and giving. Each person creates his or her own "story," a statement of self understanding that allows tremendous focusing of energy and intent

To thine own self be true.

Leadership begins within. After identifying and articulating one's central nature and story, one can then remain true to that nature, which also sustains focus. Here we teach the emerging leader what it means to keep a loyal path to one's highest true nature and provide effective strategies to develop self-loyalty as a natural and consistent inclination.

An I for an I

The challenge for many of us in being true to our own selves is that we often don't sense ourselves as true people. We don't easily trust ourselves at core levels, which drive our behavior. If we don't trust ourselves, we cannot trust others; and consequently constructive, lasting bonding becomes very difficult. This part of the program examines how to trust ourselves: essentially it means to be able to give ourselves our own direction and be confident that our self-guidance is sound and always leads us to betterment. We exchange the I we were afraid we were for an I that we know to be true, because our self-guidance comes out of a profound new understanding of our true nature.

In the World but not of it

Making our way in this world, particularly these days for young people, is like walking through mud with white shoes. How do we protect ourselves against destructive tendencies around us? Here we teach leaders how to take a stand for oneself in the world with confidence and surety. Standing for oneself becomes the norm for people clear on who they are, who know how to keep true to their nature, who trust themselves and thereby others. They become not only islands of safety for themselves but, as a natural consequence, for those around them. They don't merely escape the mud. They begin to transform it.

On Purpose

In this portion of our program, we focus on how to focus. We create reality in the physical world through the focusing of energy. We want to use our energies and our intentions as cutting edges of transformation, within ourselves and around us. We teach that this kind of focus arises from clarity of two kinds of purpose: internal and external. Externally, we want clearly defined desired outcomes to fix our sight. Internally, we understand Purpose as a different kind of sight, fixed on the eternal values and truths we are placed in this world to realize. Understanding the respective purposes of the worlds we live in -- spiritual and physical -- allows us to direct ourselves with astonishing power and precision.

Pick a Path

Lastly, we tie everything together to discern a life course true to our nature and calling. Even if we never head a company or lead a Scout pack, the very character of the people we become inexorably makes us natural leaders in our daily lives. We provide comfort and support for ourselves and all around us. But many of us then will hear a call to a more commonly connoted view of leadership and want to follow that call. Here we teach how to become a leader fully in whatever direction the role speaks to us to follow. So the cycle becomes quite symmetrical: we as leaders are always led ourselves, to follow the highest path our hearts come to find before us.

Note: This session is co-presented with Thornburg Center Associate Dr. Lynell Burmark.

Presentation type... keynote, breakout session, half-day, full-day, or weekend workshop
Audience................ all
Duration................. 1 hour to 2 or more days
Handouts................ no

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