Broken Promise TM

© 2001 by Lou Fournier and Lynell Burmark. All rights strictly reserved.


In the beginning, we are told, was the Word. By the Word was made all that was made. God gave His Word, and His Word was good.

Or was it?

So many people have come to conclude that the world we know can be the result only of a Word gone bad, a Word broken. In such a world, God is a deity of dangerous and unpredictable self-contradictions, if He exists at all. The best intentions and explanations of the world's religions can seem too superficial and too compromised by their own internal struggles.

We are born with a deep and profound sense of magnificent promise, within us and for us. At an ineffable core level, we innately anticipate the fulfillment of our promise. Without an understanding of how and why the promise became thwarted, that anticipation is inevitably and often cruelly crushed. The world then makes no sense: it becomes the very embodiment of futility and spiritual destitution. This sense is most pronounced in the young and the deeply sensitive, who actively seek the fulfillment of a positive personal identity and thirst for an ideal they inherently know must exist but cannot find. The existential anxiety the Broken Promise induces can drive some to violence or self-destruction.

Broken Promise TM is a powerful exploration of the causes and consequences of a Word tragically thwarted. It engages the heart at a profoundly comforting level, establishing common ground with wounded souls and showing where true Promise lies.

It is also an extraordinary event combining music and a powerful human story into a seamless one-of-a-kind presentation/concert. Through multimedia and music, we present key tenets from our VisionShift programs and materials in a personal narrative of a journey to truth. It is based largely on Lou's dramatic life history, tracing his path from growing up in an orphanage, arriving there when abandoned by his mother and where he experienced severe physical abuse, and examining the inner tools and resources he was able to find and develop. The music is Lou's as well, reflecting his distinguished career as an award-winning songwriter and performer.

Broken Promise TM unfolds with the power and grace of an entertaining theatrical event, but in the form of a highly accessible multiple-intelligences approach to presentations.

Presentation type... keynote, breakout session, full-day or weekend workshop
Audience................ all
Duration................. 1 hours to two days
Handouts................ no

Mr. Fournier will gladly tailor any presentation to your specific needs.