Effective Teaching With Classroom Videos
Lynell Burmark, Ph.D.

Lynell Burmark, Ph.D., and author of Visual Literacy: See to Learn, Learn to See, uses the phrase, "What You Get Is What You See. — WYGIWYS™." She states, “You can’t understand or ‘get’ anything until you have an image in your mind’s eye to hook it on.

For educators this has serious implications. If teachers want all their students on the same page, they have to introduce their lessons — especially new concepts — with images before bombarding the students with words.” Visual content must be at the inception and the heart of the learning process.

With multimedia, students are more focused, learn faster, and retain more of the information presented. With this in mind, 100% Educational Videos, with the help of Lynell Burmark, Ph.D. and the University of San Diego’s Continuing Education program, has developed a new program called Effective Teaching with Classroom Videos.

A 30-minute video (on VHS or DVD) accompanies the program. The first 10 minutes is a presentation by Dr. Burmark on why visuals are so important for today’s learners and how to use these visuals in the classroom. The remaining 20 minutes introduce the University of San Diego program whereby teachers can earn credits for integrating video into their lessons.

To get your copy of the free video (VHS or DVD), log on to www.schoolvideos.com, and follow the prompts for Product# EVU01.

To learn more about the University of San Diego program and to discuss ways to bring it to your staff for free, contact 100% Educational Videos at 800.483.3383.

To bring Dr. Lynell Burmark “live” to your next event, contact her at lynellb@aol.com.