Visual Literacy
Learn to see, see to learn


NOTE: This presentation is based on Dr. Burmark's book (Visual Literacy) being published by the Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development (ASCD).

The signs are everywhere - if you can read them. The primary literacy of the 21st century will be visual: pictures, graphics, images of every kind. Engineering, architecture, computer trades, health care professions, even jobs as pedestrian as cooking fries at McDonald's (now done with sophisticated robotics) all require visual literacy. It's no longer enough to read and write. Our students must learn to process both words and pictures. They must be able to move gracefully and fluently between text and images, between literal and figurative worlds.

How does this impact education? How can we prepare students for a life where the primary vehicle for communication and commerce -- the Internet -- is based on a graphical interface? a medium where a business' value is determined by the quality of its visual representation?

In this practical seminar, see how visuals can enhance and accelerate classroom instruction. (NOTE: Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text!) Make the move from boring bullets to compelling full-screen photos, from slides of dry text to emotion-packed sequences of full-motion video. Learn how colors evoke predictable responses, and how those responses vary from culture to culture. Experience the difference in visceral impact between clip art and actual photographs. Examine backgrounds and templates, graphs and charts, and resources for visuals that administrators, teachers, and students can use to make presentations and communications more powerful.

In a visual world, he who has the best visuals wins. It's time to start preparing for the winner's circle.

Presentation type... keynote or breakout session
Audience................ K-12 educators, business community
Duration................. 45-90 minutes
Handouts................ Visual Literacy

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