Who Scrambled My Eggs?
Enough change already!

© 2001 by Lou Fournier and Lynell Burmark. All rights strictly reserved.


We've gone a little overboard these days with our ubiquitous emphasis on change. It's becoming all too easy to give it too much power. Handling change well is important, of course, and it's certainly true that our misperceptions of change and its significance are the single biggest cause of stress. But it's no less important to keep a balanced view of the other things in life that can work with change to create powerful growth experiences.

In Who Scrambled my Eggs? we discover how paradigms shift and how the change process plays out as an S-curve in real-world situations. We juxtapose traditional social and educational practices with no cost, call-me-crazy, outside-the-box alternatives. We challenge participants to commit to improving old practices worth saving (doing things differently), and to trying completely new programs or ideas (doing different things).

We see change as the positive force it is meant to be, and learn to use it proactively to our advantage rather than letting it make a scrambled mess of our lives.

Presentation type... keynote or general session
Audience................ all
Duration................. 45 to 90 minutes
Handouts................ no

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