Reaching Every Learner
Multimedia and Multiple Intelligences


Discover the secret for designing educational environments to guarantee students' understanding and achievement. Improve teaching and learning through integrating more music, art, social, and physical activity into any curricular area to engage all students.

Examine the natural genius of kids, neotonic thinking, the latest in brain research, and the theory and applications of multiple intelligences through the work of Howard Gardner, Thomas Armstrong, Don Campbell, Lev Vygotzky and others. Poll your personal predilections among the eight intelligences. Learn to distinguish between traditional and non-traditional intelligences, and reconsider the validity of this time-honored distinction.

Learn to develop thematic curricular units that use draw on three or more intelligences and use exemplary software, video, online resources and off-line print, classroom and field trip activities, plus homework/family assignments.

Walk through the process at Empire Gardens School, where students affixed sticky dots to charts to identify their dominant intelligences. Get glimpses of Einstein's life and thinking processes, and move from assessments that ask "How smart are you?" to ones that celebrate "How are you smart?" Celebrate your gifts and those of your students!

Presentation type... keynote or breakout session
Audience................ K-12 educators
Duration................. 45-90 minutes
Handouts................ Multimedia & Multiple Intelligences
Multiple Intelligences Charts
A Rabbit on the Swim Team

Dr. Burmark will gladly tailor any presentation to your specific needs.