What's The Point of Education in The Digital Age?


It's the age-old student question: What's the point of this? Why do we have to learn this? Today, however, the question carries a new urgency, as much for teachers as for students. This practical and inspiring workshop takes us through important answers.

We begin by clarifying the role and purpose for education in this era of information inundation. We welcome technological tools that facilitate just-in-time learning and a more constructivist approach to education. We put technology under the microscope and focus on those aspects that are worth the investment and that equip us to impact student learning and achievement in ways we could not accomplish without that support.

The point of education is not technology, but technology can help both teachers and students get through the information to the knowledge of what we can do and the wisdom of who we can be that have always been and will always be the point of education.

Presentation type... keynote or breakout session
Audience................ K-12 educators, business community
Duration................. 45-90 minutes
Handouts................ no

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