Enlighten Up!
An educator's guide to stress-free living


Are you ready to cross STRESS off your To Do list? Want to banish crazy-business from your life once and for all? Then give yourself (and those around you) a break and come to this inspirational session. Take a serio-comic look at popular culture's response to stress – from Karaoke (singalongs) to Karoshi (death from overwork), from bath bubble soaks to throwing in the towel. Learn where to get "happy pills" as well as the vitamins missing from most fast-food and school lunches. Review the medical research that proves stress makes you stupid (and consider the implications for high-stakes testing). Share new scientific studies about the "little brain in the heart" that makes all our decisions before any information reaches the "big brain in the head."

Consider the role of music as a healing art and get suggestions for its purposeful use in the classroom. Transform panic over lack of funding into creative ideas for optimizing resources. Learn a step-by-step process for reducing clutter and getting removed from junk mail lists. Enjoy interviews and tips from folks whose stress-free lives are driven by a sense of higher calling rather than a series of anxiety attacks.

Exercise both your gray cells and your laughing muscles while gaining unique insights on how to keep your cool, your hair, and your peace of mind.

NOTE: Session based largely on the book Enlighten Up: An Educator's Guide to Stress-Free Living, by Lynell Burmark and Lou Fournier (ASCD, 2003).

Presentation type... keynote, breakout session or workshop
Audience................ K-12 educators, business community
Duration................. 45-90 minute session, half or full-day workshop
Handouts................ Enlighten Up!

Dr. Burmark will gladly tailor any presentation to your specific needs.