The Emanant Leader TM

© 2001 by Lou Fournier and Lynell Burmark. All rights strictly reserved.


We need leaders, in this age perhaps more than in any other. And we have them. They surround us, ready to guide us unerringly to a latent Golden Age. They are those who will solve our most confounding social and economic problems, our new captains of responsible industry, our reformers poised to unknot the impossibly complex issues of education.

They just don't know it.

Most of them think they are here to follow. Many believe they can barely lead themselves through the critical demands of daily life, let alone lead others to a glorious new world.

Yet every person on this planet is a potential leader. For leadership is a far more basic quality than is commonly realized. The Emanant LeadershipTM program, customizable for all ages and demographies, guides participants to discover their unique skills and the confidence to apply those skills to make a difference in their particular circle of influence.

For those with the courage to investigate their leadership potential and/or encourage that of employees and colleagues, here is a preview of the basic steps of the Emanant LeadershipTM program:

Presentation type... keynote or general session, half- and full-day workshop, weekend and longer workshop
Audience................ all
Duration................. 1 hour to 2 or more days
Handouts................ no

Dr. Burmark will gladly tailor any presentation to your specific needs.