CareerLIFE Planning?
You Need The Parachute!


Based on our intensive training with What Color is Your Parachute? author Richard Bolles, this session has been adapted to include activities and exercises appropriate for job seekers of all ages. The same creative approach works as well for motivating secondary and college students to pursue an appropriate course of study as it does for inspiring "downsized" workers or even retirees to finally go after the job of their dreams.

Bury yourself in the classifieds? Mail 1,000 resumes? Buy a lotto ticket? Plan to spend the rest of your life living with your parents? Continue in a job that you don't exactly love? There is a better way.

It's time to go to where the really good jobs are! Through a series of interactive exercises, you can

Get inspired to conduct the "creative job search," and be ready to celebrate a life where passion and work coincide!

Note: This session is typically co-presented with colleague Lou Fournier. Both instructors are certified and authorized by Richard Bolles to use his proprietary materials. Participants are strongly encouraged to read Dick's perennial best seller, What Color is Your Parachute?

Presentation type... featured session
Audience................ secondary and post-secondary students, teachers and career counselors; parents and business community
Duration................. 45 to 90 minutes
Handouts................ Guide to Resources for CareerLIFE Planning

Dr. Burmark will gladly tailor any presentation to your specific needs.