Achieving 100% Literacy
We Guarantee It!


They said it couldn't be done -- so nobody tried. Teach every child to read? Have you seen the kids in my classroom? Simply not possible!

Today things are different. The cost of illiteracy is too high, we finally realize, and the impossible is simply something that no one yet knows how to do. We understand now that every child who is physically capable of reading can most definitely learn to read.

Society today demands that every child learns to read. No more excuses. But old techniques and programs can't do the job. With increasing numbers of children coming to school not knowing how to hold a book, never having been read to, not speaking English -- despite teachers' best efforts -- some 25% of the students still cannot read.

In the fall of 1997, one bold school in Santa Clara, California, announced a program which guaranteed all entering kindergartners they would be reading at or above grade level by the end of second grade. The pledge took the form of a Warranty, signed by the principal, the teacher, the parent and the child. The "fine print" Terms & Conditions on the back of the Warranty spell out the responsibilities of family as well as school staff working with those children.

In the wake of major media attention, other schools around the country have adopted the warranty program, and a movement was born. Schools undertaking the commitment to 100% literacy have assembled and tested a variety of programs and strategies to reach even the most difficult children. The approach has been described as "guerrilla teaching" -- using all the weapons in our pedagogical arsenal to win the battle against illiteracy.

Come hear what's working, specifically what technologies and practices have been most effective, in a committed, no-excuses approach to achieving 100% literacy.

Presentation type... keynote or breakout session
Audience................ district-level administrators, elementary school principals, literacy coordinators, reading specialists, K-3 teachers, school board members, parents, and business community
Duration................. 45 to 90 minutes
Handouts................ Resources for Achieving 100% Literacy

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