Lynell Burmark is an award-winning educator whose specialties include: strategies for successful presentations, resources for early literacy, multimedia for multiple intelligences, creativity and connectivity, the power of more visual teaching and learning, career-life-mission planning, event marketing and management, and “enlightening up” for stress-free living.

Lynell's concern for our youth and the practical experience and strategies she shares with educators have made her a popular speaker at conferences and workshops. During her nine years as an educational administrator, she always made staff development a major focus. As technology coordinator for the California Teacher Education and Computer Center (TECC) program, she designed and staffed over 350 hands-on computer trainings, authored and produced a two-volume proposal writing guide, and taught grantsmanship courses to help schools obtain millions of dollars for computers. As multilingual resource coordinator, she conducted presentations and training sessions and authored, edited, and marketed twenty bilingual publications, as well as audiocassettes and transcripts to help educators deal with the influx of non English-speaking students.

Lynell earned her B.A., two M.A.s, and Ph.D. from Stanford University, where she was elected by faculty and students to receive the Walter Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching. Her eleven years of classroom teaching experience span K-graduate school. While pursuing graduate work, she taught at Stanford, Cal State Hayward, U.C. Santa Cruz, San Francisco State and Santa Clara University. Then, for three years, she taught English as a Second Language, K-12, for the public schools in her hometown of Tacoma, Washington.

From 1988 through 1990, Lynell served as Executive Director of California's Computer Using Educators (CUE), designing projects and services to boost membership from 4900 to over 11,000 and quadrupling the annual spring conference attendance at that first memorable year in Palm Springs!

Since CUE, Lynell has experienced life on "the other side of the Purchase Order" -- working as a consultant to high tech companies that produce multimedia hardware and software for the education market and consulting to schools and districts that want to optimize the use of technology across the curriculum.

As an Associate of the Thornburg Center for Professional Development since 1994, Lynell has enjoyed collaborating with David Thornburg, offering workshops to schools and districts, and keynoting and presenting seminars at conferences and other educational events throughout the United States and Brazil.

Along with David and other members of the Center, Lynell was filmed for a Canter & Associates video that is part of the Walden University Masters in Teaching with Technology. Lynell has also produced the staff development video/DVD Effective Teaching with Classroom Videos which is distributed FREE to educators by 100% Educational Videos (

Lynell’s book, Visual Literacy: Learn to See, See to Learn, won the book of the year award for publisher ASCD in 2002 and is being used widely as a teacher reference and as a textbook in high school and college courses. In 2003, along with Thornburg Center colleague Lou Fournier, Lynell wrote a second book for ASCD, Enlighten Up: An Educator’s Guide to Stress-Free Living. She also contributed the chapter “What You Get Is What You See (WYGIWYS™)” to Snapshots: Insights from the Thornburg Center, published in 2004.

Practicing what she preaches about the power of positive images, in 2006 Dr. Burmark has released the expanded, updated, eBook version of Visual Literacy. With new research and 180+ full-color, high-resolution photographic images, it is, as David Thornburg says: “easy on the eyes,” and “a great model for how electronic books should be designed.” Make sure to get the eBook with the complementary See to Learn CD with slideshows, image banks, and a wealth of activities to put visual literacy theory into classroom practice!

You may contact Dr. Burmark directly via email: